Donald Trump’s daughter flogs food

Trump’s 27-year-old daughter Ivanka has teamed up with ConAgra Foods to promote their range of "Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers". These meals, which are available in varieties like Szechwan Beef and Southwestern Chicken, can be stored in a desk for up to a year with no refrigeration required.

The partnership seems slightly leftfield, given that Trump Junior stands to inherit an estimated fortune of $3bn, thus is unlikely to worry about money, or need to survive on cut-price microwave meals.

Nevertheless, the socialite and fashion model has been blogging about the ready meals on, saying: "With gas and food prices on the rise, more and more people are skipping the deli line and bringing lunch to work to save money."

"This is great," she adds. "But all I hear is how boring a brown-bag lunch can get."

As for the tedium of office lunches, Trump writes that the experience is "something I completely relate to."


The International Herald Tribune contacted ConAgra about the deal, and Michael Locascio, vice president at the firm, told the newspaper: "We wanted somebody who would appeal to a younger office worker who’s technology-savvy. We wanted someone they could identify with, someone they knew, but also not somebody that was on the front of every tabloid."

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