Don’t be a twit. Be a Twitter

When it comes to social networking, Twitter is increasingly building popularity.

It’s a lot like Facebook (you have to create a profile) but you keep in contact with your Tweeps (friends) by Twittering. These are a bit like status updates to keep everyone informed about what you’re up to.

Twittering gets a bit addictive. Too many people have resorted to talking about what they had for lunch and the colour of their belly button lint in order to keep the stream of consciousness flowing.

But there are some tried and tested ways to market your business through this unusual channel. Business coach Donna Gunter has published ten strategic ways to use Twitter to benefit your business. They’re pretty useful.

Here are the top three topics to Twitter:-

1. How you’re helping clients. Talk about specific ways that your business helps clients and use their Twitter ID if you have their permission, i.e. "Just finished @clientname brainstorm great Internet marketing plan for 2009" or "Finally finished setting up Quickbooks for local hardware store — now they can invoice their clients"

2. What you’re doing in your own business. This is a perfect time to tell others when you’re blogging, writing an article, creating your weekly ezine, recording your podcast, i.e. "Had great interview with Jane Smith today on speaking to grow your biz. Great ideas! Subscribe to podcast & listen here <URL here>"

3. Useful tool or resource you’ve found. I run across these all the time in my daily activities, and Twitter is a perfect place to share,. i.e. "Found great new Firefox plug-in to monitor & check multiple Gmail accounts at same time at <URL here>" or "Read great blog post on working at home with kids under 5 at (URL here)"

Interested? Check out more secrets to using Twitter to attract more followers and get more clients.

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