“Don’t blame bankers”

“Not long ago bankers and businessmen were holding hands, patronising each other with their ‘fly me to the moon’ aspirations,” he says. “Those same businessmen were busy gloating like egotistical goats at fancy functions, glorifying their acquisitions and deriding those who were less rich. Now all the humpty dumpties are rolling over and looking for scapegoats – and bankers are in the firing line.”

“Sure, investment bankers create speculative packages to sustain their greed, their lifestyles and their costs – but they also feed our greed and appetite for easy money and quick or high returns,” he continues. “After all, it’s shareholders who put pressure on bankers and heads of institutions in their ever growing demands for continual profitability.”

Harjani reckons entrepreneurs should take some of the flak, too. “There are many of us who complain about high interest rates from credit card companies. So why borrow? Why delay paying them? No, we insist on borrowing as if it’s our birth right. They tempt and we get tempted.

“We insist on living in a climate of capitalism but we’re not willing to accept the consequences without a hue and cry.”

Scathing stuff. Let us know your views on bankers.

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