Don?t get your wires crossed: Why good communication is key for growing businesses

Good communication is crucial for all growing businesses, but it?s something that can slip under the radar.

When a business first starts out with only a handful of employees, communication is easy ? as you grow, it might be necessary to look for future-proof solutions that can scale with you.

It?s not just about the day to day business processes ? it?s also a matter of business culture. You want your employees to communicate well so that they feel like they fit in ? so that they enjoy coming to work.

To find out more about how culture is affected by communication, we caught up with Mikael Lauharanta, co-founder and COO of Smarp, an employee app that brings company news and content to the fingertips of team members. Smarp works with the likes of the Royal Mail Group and L’Or?al.

Following Smarp?s recent Series A funding round with Nauta Capital, they’re now investing heavily in helping UK businesses, dramatically increasing the headcount at their London office.

Here?s what Lauharanta had to say:

Why is good communication necessary for a strong business culture?

A good company culture is one of the single most important factors that determines the success of the company. Culture is not something you can create or change overnight, but the more clearly you can articulate and communicate the desired company culture to your employees and job applicants, the more you can nudge it in the right direction incrementally. Hence your ability to communicate as a team can make or break your culture, and eventually your entire business.

How does improved communication improve productivity, and therefore your bottom line?

Active?internal communication helps keep employees more engaged, which greatly improves productivity. When employees know what is going on in the company and the industry, and they know where to find the necessary materials and documents, it reduces frustration and time needed to perform tasks.

It also improves agility ??when there?s a systematic internal communication culture in place, the company can make quicker moves, react to changes in the marketplace, and most importantly, be proactive and become a market leader.

Why are tools like Smarp good for growing businesses?

Improving employee engagement and the company culture, reducing employee?s frustration and becoming more aligned as a company all have a positive impact on your bottom like and help you grow faster. Smarp is a versatile platform that can help companies focus on any of these areas, depending on your company?s needs and strengths.

At what point should growing businesses consider communication tools?

We often say that as soon as everybody is no longer sitting around the same table you should start investing in communication tools. And even sooner if you have a dispersed team as it is rare to have everybody physically (and mentally) present at the same time.

The faster the company moves and grows, the more important it is to communicate effectively and have the same message repeated over and over again in different channels.



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