Don’t let your job make you angry – the boss wouldn’t like you when you’re angry

On 7 January, Real Business reported that a chaotic and stressful work environment can make staff behave like children, meaning they’re more likely to snap and react emotionally rather than think logically.

Of course, that’s bad for business ? and for a number of reasons. It will potentially cause errors for the company, make the workplace difficult for other colleagues and create a knock-on effect, which could result in employees assessing their careers with a view to leave for a new post ? a common result of a new year beginning.

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So before things spiral wildly out of control, resulting in people getting angry and changing to a green hue, neuroscientist and cognitive psychologist Dr Lynda Shaw has five tips tips for keeping the beast in its cage.

1. Think before you speak

When we feel angry, it is very easy to get lost in the moment and to lose control and vocalise everything that pops into our minds without holding back.? Learning to be more mindful before you speak can help prevent feelings of regret and guilt.

2. Get active

We all know the benefits physical activity has on our all-round health. The endorphins released from our bodies can help to boost self-esteem and improve mood, so put on your trainers and take your heart rate up a notch for all the right reasons ? it will do wonders for your emotional well-being and feelings of anger. Familiarise yourself with your own breathing by sitting down each day and concentrate on your in and out breath. ?

3. Take some time out

Anger can sometimes leave you feeling suffocated and trapped.? Remove yourself from the situation and have some space to bring clarity to your thoughts.? Unresolved problems can always be revisited when both parties have had time to cool off. Practice positive thinking, be around people who can make you laugh or do things that you enjoy the most to help to alleviate tension.

4. Tame that temper

Take some time to think about situations or the actions of others that really rile you up.? By recognising your triggers you can think before you act and can prevent your temper from running away with you.?

5. When it all becomes too much to bear

If you are feeling like there is no way out, seeking professional help can help to unravel the core of your anger issues and provide tips, techniques and advice for you to follow.? As the saying goes, ?Where there?s a will, there?s a way.?

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