Dont side-line video for content marketing

For many companies, video remains the last-minute thought or extra whether they are considering their homepage or social media strategy. This might seem short-sighted when it is understood that Youtube receives over a billion unique visitors a month and is the second biggest social media platform. What makes it, and alike online video platforms such as Vimeo, so versatile is that the videos can be posted and shared virtually anywhere.

A study by market research experts Nielson, surveying companies, stated that 64 per cent of respondents indicated that video content will dominate their future marketing strategies. Video is now highly accessible as a medium and in the business world, no longer the preserve of the high-end corporate marketer. At some level all businesses, big and small, can embrace the media of the moving image to communicate their brand. The versatility of video posting means it can be shared on Facebook and email be seen on tablets and smart phones, is passive to engage with and very memorable.

But do videos for companies get the right message across Well, yes is the simple answer! According to a report in The Guardian, Axonn Media research found seven in ten people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them.

Companies like Hub TV, whose client list includes brands such as Land Rover, Budweiser and Doritos, are noticing that video production for web content is in ever more demand.

David Hunstone, Managing Director from video production company states: Nowadays, after 72 hours the average person will remember ten per cent of text, 65 per cent of an image, and 95 per cent of a video. People want information faster and video delivers.

Whats more compelling is that video can improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Hunstone continues: You could be promoting a corporate video, an interactive video or a product launch video. If you embed the videos on your landing page, they act as a catalyst for the companys overall website SEO strategy. By embedding the videos to your website, you can increase the click through rates by thirty percent. Whats more, the average audience will stay two minutes longer on a website with a video on the landing page.

With video set to be the key part of not only the social media mix but also the company website, marketing strategies will need to incorporate a meaningful approach for video content for 2014 and ignoring it is no longer an option.

By Richard Forsyth at Varn Media.

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