Don’t stand in the way of people working hard to achieve their dreams

My politics tends to be a bit of a mixed bag and my view of politicians not of the most flattering. However, today I will abandon my Cameron bashing in favour of supporting his key note speech at the Tory Party Conference.?

The grammar was often dubious ? I’m not sure about ?The land of hope is Tory? and the entire speech being interspersed with metaphors intended (and usually failing) to make a peacetime equivalent of On the Beaches.

That said, the PM, who has hung his hat on campaigning for getting back to basics, was underlining a very heavy truth today: Britain?s economy relies on business. Indeed all economies rely on trading ? such are the basic ways of the world since earliest records. It is only the methods that have been, fractionally, refined since the caveman.?

It was a great deal later that a mix of organised emperors and greedy monarchs saw the degree of potential of running nationwide and personal economies off the backs of our profits.

Passionately orating for a whack at office without Clegg clutched to his trouser cuffs, Cameron pledged to back business, not attack it as per the Labour plans that include rises in corporation tax. Cameron places blame firmly in Labour?s court for the entire debt crisis ? a little risky given the global nature of the problem.?

More realistically, criticism of Ed Balls continues – accusing him of having gone quiet on the economy due to the improvements in economic indicators. It is difficult to argue with so many financial indicators showing improvements, with the country at long last moving away from fears of a triple dip and the air whispers the odd excitement.?

Cameron is right that it is not the government that creates jobs, it’s businesses. Businesses that get wages into people?s pockets, food on their tables, hope for the families and success for our country.

I agree completely with his adage of helping people up ladders that they can climb through their own efforts. One of my own biggest failings as an employer has been to rescue inadequate staff in an effort to help them, often defeating my own aims in the process while they fail to change their ways and grow resentful when challenged. This is not the way to help people.

I applaud Cameron for bravely questioning the right of people to leave school, claim benefits and then a council house without having ever worked. I agree entirely that nothing should stand in the way of people who work hard to achieve their dreams ? is that not exactly the principle at the bottom of every entrepreneurs? heart?

Cameron pledges to make Britain a land of opportunity. I am glad he is intending to support it. Many great schemes, businesses and business people are working towards it. Indeed, many are shining examples of it.?

Our biggest danger has always lain in the hands of the Unions and madder elements of the Labour party who ignore the vital and basic role of business in the economy, ignore the necessities of a business or indeed a country needing to aim for long term sustainability and solvency. Keeping them at bay, I believe Britain is already, and indeed has been, a land of great opportunity.

Jan Cavelle is founder of the Jan Cavelle Furniture Company.

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