Don’t underestimate Britain’s digital economy

The spread of the digital economy into other sectors is driving growth and jobs throughout the UK.?The old image of tech businesses as startups that make no money is out of date and with trends such as mobile and increasing focus on customer experience, the UK’s digital scene has churned out some truly astonishing companies.

Here are this year’s nominees:


Blippar is a mobile platform and game-changing content medium for smart device with the power to bring the physical world to life. A QR code-killer at the basic end of its functionality and an augmented reality experience at the other, Blippar converts ‘push’ strategies into pulled, interactive content experience to generate more engagement and awareness for the brand owner. For consumers, Blippar becomes a ‘lens’ through which print and real-world objects can be spontaneously ‘unlocked’ and converted into content-rich, interactive experiences. In less than two years, Blippar has attracted over 3m users to the platform who have blipped over 18.5m times across 750 brands.


Founded in 2009, Mubaloo is a leading mobile app developer, which designs and creates apps specifically for client requirements, be it improving business processes, staff productivity and customer engagement. As EE’s custom app partner, Mubaloo is working on the next generation of apps that make the most out of super-fast LTE mobile broadband. As of November 2012, Mubaloo’s clients include big names Jamie Oliver, David Lloyd, Wilkinson Sword and the BBC. Beyond app development, Mubaloo works as a strategic consulting partner to clients. is the only discretionary investment management service in the UK that operates an end-to-end online business model and is regulated by the FCA and endorsed by the UK Government. Customers will have visibility of their asset allocation and the ability to adjust their portfolio settings whenever they want, free of charge. enables investors to join with as little as ?1,000, with each customer receiving the same level of expert investment management through a personal portfolio tailored to their investment goals and propensity to risk. As of July 2013, the company gained15,000 registered users.


Struq goes beyond the old-fashioned ‘stalker’ ad concept, where products you view follow you endlessly across the web. Struq employs frequency caps to ensure that users do not experience ad fatigue. If a product has been shown a few times, and hasn’t been clicked on, the user won’t be served that ad any more. Struq uses propriety algorithms to personalise the content of ads across display, mobile, social and video. This is done real-time to bring down the cost of customer acquisition and retention for brands.


WorldStores is an online department store offering everything from home and garden, and a network of more than 50 niche online stores specialising in specific home and garden categories, such as ShedsWorld, SofaBedsWorld and OutdoorToysWorld. Each store is optimised to convert paid and organic search traffic from relevant keywords for that category, making them ideally positioned for search marketing led customer acquisition. WorldStores’ sites have averaged more than 3m visitors per month in 2013 and have now served over 1m customers.

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