Doorstep design: Move on from the shelf, these five brands make an impact upon delivery

(2) Turn packaging into media channel

The humble pizza box is the temporary TV dinner plate for a generation of students. Yet could it be more? The delivery pizza has long been a byword for sharing food – it came as no surprise that 96 per cent of pizza is ordered in pairs – and the well-known Domino’s logo has long been a two-part domino.

So, we designed the box to engage and interrupt as it comes across the threshold. In a sea of sameness Domino’s looks like the only choice there is. It even makes the box look cool, so that you don’t order a pizza, you order a Domino’s. No wonder other high street quick service restaurants can’t match their growth. 

From here, Domino’s can roll the concept out across its brand world. Packaging becomes not merely an element of the delivery cost, but a media channel to ignite consumer engagement.

Personalising a brand: Trusting the customer to take control

(3) Create a badge of honour

Eve mattresses are shaking up their sector with an online ordering and home delivery model that cuts out retail costs and so allows them to sell high quality mattresses at competitive prices.

But without in-store presence or sizeable marketing budgets how do you build brand recognition and word-of-mouth sales?

The answer from Eve is to make the mattress so distinctive that the yellow branding will show through your bedsheets. 

Guests will ask about the comfortable yellow mattress, and on their way home maybe find their way to the Eve website, keen to offer their guests the same levels of comfort they have just enjoyed. A generic product that is meant to be discreet becomes a badge of honour.

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