Dragon wants entrepreneurs to go for gold in 2012

The Dragon is on a mission to “change the perception that the 2012 Olympic Games will only benefit big business”, so he’s devised a TV-series competition that’ll put entrepreneurs and small businesses who think they’ve got something to offer the Games through their paces.

Entrepreneurs who can prove they’ve got a viable business plan for providing a service at the 2012 Olympics will be put through to "heats" and coached by Caan and other high-profile business gurus as to how to develop and improve their business plan.

Like any good reality TV show, when the best-of-the-best have been pitted against each other, the public will vote as to which entrepreneur they feel deserves to top the podium.

Watch this space for more information about the Golden Entrepreneur.

Think this is a great opportunity for small businesses” Let us know about it.

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