Dragons’ Den: a complete farce?

Here’s what he wrote:

"I was a contestant on Dragons’ Den. One of the proper 15 minuters not the ten-second ‘and also appeared’ losers! From first applying to be on it, to filming, there was an eight-month delay so standing in front of them I (and others) already knew my product was a total bag of shite, and I was mid-way through collapsing the company.

"When I was on, I pulled a load of market stats completely out of my arse about the major industry I was targeting, and neither the dragons, the BBC, or the five million audience ever realised – gullible twats the lot of you!

"To stop anyone meeting the dragons before filming, you’re not allowed to go for a weewithout the toilets being checked for any sign of a dragon.

"The show got me 133,000 hits on my website, and slightly less than one sale."

OK, so we can’t verify if this blog is legitimate – but how close is it to the real experience on the BBC2 programme?

Dodgy stats? Fame-hungry contestants? No peeing with the Dragons? Let’s hear from other entrepreneurs who have appeared on the show.

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