Name: Duane Jackson

Age: 31


Turnover: On track to hit £2m this year.

First job: Door-to-door sales, flogging special paint to protect brickwork. Commission only!

Dream job: Running a second-hand book shop.

Car: None. I’ve not had the time to get my licence so my wife is my chauffeur.

Economy, business or first class: Always business class – until I see the price and I change my mind and go economy.

Most extravagant purchase: A watch with 12 diamonds for the numbers.

Most-played song on your iPod: “Witness the Fitness” by Roots Manuva.

Best business bookHow to Get Rich by Felix Dennis.

Worst business moment: Realising I’d just wasted six months on a fruitless fund-raising exercise that we didn’t even need to do.

Proudest business moment: Meeting Bill Gates and asking him why he wasn’t following the web-based software model. He wasn’t impressed – but Microsoft is now following the model. I like to think I inspired him. 

Your business mentor: Lord Young. He’s been amazing at guiding me through growing the business and avoiding pitfalls. He’s a very wise old man!

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