Opinion is divided on whether chirpy chappy Charles Dunstone has scored a winner with his Best Buy deal. Robert Peston at the BBC says Dunstone is among the two or three most determined entrepreneurs he’s come across and that the deal shows he’s as committed as ever to the growth of Carphone Warehouse.

After weeks of rumours that he was on the way out, keen to sell and move on to new ventures, the Guardian reckons "he’s up to something".  As they say, "You don’t dilute your earnings by 10%-15% without having a plan."

So what kind of man is the CW founder? The Telegraph reminds readers that, despite his fondness for ocean racing, Dunstone is no flash boy. "Mr Normal" is their verdict.

Real Business has long been a close Dunstone bserver. In fact, we once despatched a reporter to find someone to say a critical word about him. And what did they discover? Click here to find out.

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