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Dutch entrepreneur has a nose for business

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47-year-old Ilja Gort, who owns Château de la Garde in Bordeaux in France and runs Tulipe Wines, has had his hooter insured by Lloyd’s of London.

"I thought it must be a horror to lose your smell,” says Gort. "It would mean that you cannot taste wine anymore. Tasting wine is something you do with your nose, not your mouth."

But Gort still can’t breathe easy. While his famous bazoo is covered in the event of an accident, the policy comes with a list of strict conditions he needs to abide by: he’s not allowed to ride a motorbike, go skiing, take up fire breathing, work as a knife-thrower’s assistant or use an inexperienced barber.

Still, £4m isn’t to be sniffed at.Entrepreneurs with famous body parts… Who would you insure? Suggestions, please!

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