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eBay meets YouTube with the launch of Amazon challenger Sellervision

It’s not the only social network eBay has met up with either.

In September, Real Business spoke to Runar Reistrup, the CEO of social commerce app Depop, which is described as the baby of eBay and Instagram .

As the business experienced a sevenfold year-on-year growth, Reistrup noted that the social commerce model is something that progressively appeals to businesses.

“With people becoming increasingly more accustomed to both the speed and convenience of online shopping as well as the accessibility of social; more businesses are trying to bring in either of the functionalities and merge the two,” he explained.

Following that, we’ve now seen the arrival of Sellervision an app that describes itself as eBay meets YouTube . Well, at two million users, the concept has worked for Depop.

Sellervision is out to take on giants including Amzon, Etsy and Craigslist with a video-based selling channel on the move. Users will be able to download the iOS app and sell any product or service with a 30 second video of footage shot on their mobile.

And while eBay may have been inspirational for Sellervision’s founder Sheridan Simove, the app charges sellers just five per cent for a successful sale half that of eBay’s ten per cent fee.

London-based Simove got the idea for his business after encountering numerous issues when selling goods online.

I built the app after getting frustrated with the time it takes to list anything on eBay, Amazon or Etsy. Its such a chore, even using their mobile apps. I saw an opportunity to fix this and offer a better service to people who wanted to sell anything be it a product or a service,” he said.

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“With Sellervision, you simply use your phone to shoot a short video, fill out a few details and you’re immediately selling. Plus, eBay is far too expensive too our fees are half theirs.

Interestingly, Simove chose to snub the option for live auctions with a belief that today is a I want it now world , which means that everything is sold at a fixed price.

People need to be able to make a quick decision and buy an item immediately – or sell one rapidly and make cash fast,” he explained, adding that there are lots of ideas in the pipeline to evolve the company.

For example, Im going to sell some Sellervision stock on the app itself and price it incredibly cheaply. So if you keep an eye out for that listing, you could snap up a piece of a growing company for a rock bottom price,” he said.

It wasn’t just a result of eBay or ecommerce problems that sparked the idea for Sellervision, however. The entrepreneur worked in TV for 15 years as a producer on shows like Big Breakfast and Big Brother.

After moving into the gift market, Ive now created and sold over 1.5m products around the world. So, Sellervision is the perfect mix of my expertise in both areas entertainment and selling,” he said.

Looking to the future, Simove also plans to expand in Silicon Valley to grow the team and secure investment.

Once I get an idea into my head, I go all out to make it happen. And right now, internet video is the most popular medium around, with many Americans spending around five hours a day watching videos through their phones or tablets,” he said.

So, with Sellervision, Ive aimed to create a platform where anyone can instantly become a shopping channel presenter by creating their own thirty second infomercial. Its less QVC and more YouVC?.


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