Eco-centre highlights sustainability agenda

The Sheepdrove Eco-Conference Centre is situated on a biodiverse farm, which Kindersley also runs.

The centre was constructed using materials from the farm office that used to be on the site and Kindersley managed to avoid using any PVC, including in the electrical wiring. Recycled materials were also crucial in the build; toilet cubicle partitions are made from recycled toothpaste tubes and wash basin panels from recycled CDs.

The centre exclusively uses produce from the farm. Kindersley explains: “We mill our own wheat for the bread, the meat comes from our butchery and we get the water from a well 300 metres down. It’s almost completely self-contained.”

It’s a novel concept and the centre is proving to be an attractive place for corporates to run events. “A lot of companies like the idea of being in a sustainable place as sustainability is somewhere on their agenda. Rather than go to the Heathrow Hilton, they think coming onto a farm is a neat idea,” says Kindersley.

Turnover is currently £500,000 and growing. Kindersley is considering adding accommodation to the centre although admits it may be impossible.

“It’s a strong, inspirational centre,” he says “We’ve got a solar panel, which heats the water from the kitchen but we want to go further. We may put in a windmill some day.”

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