Eco entrepreneur?s packaging predictions

We won’t if Wesling has anything to do with it. The Canada-born entrepreneur turns waste – such as old fire hosing and uniforms – into luxury lifestyle products and clothing accessories. “I want to be the trash queen of Britain.”

Her company is also in the process of making reusable bags for grocery stores. "I foresee the end of non-recyclable packaging," she told today’s audience at The Dorchester in London.

“It would be impossible for the whole world to enjoy Western consumption levels,” agreed the chairman of Shell UK James Smith, who was also speaking at the event. “In this country, we tend to buy for status.”

Green Party Mayoral Candidate Sian Berry – a keen campaigner against gas-guzzling 4x4s – said that women can make a huge difference to climate change. But she’s not impressed with the likes of Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly. “She has set out proposals for a third runway, a sixth terminal at Heathrow and is in favour of ‘hard shoulder running’ on motorways."

"Not all women with political power are as green we we’d hope.”

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