ECR Retail Systems

Company name: 

ECR Retail Systems

What they do: 

Payment and banking software

ECR Retail Systems provides on-board catering payments and banking software for deposits and withdrawals on XPDA devices. These devices, equipped with built-in silent thermal printer, barcode scanner and GPRS connectivity, allow both on and offline Chip and Pin transactions. The company’s RailPoS MpoS solution enables companies to produce tailored stock and sales reports and access real-time replenishment prompts. After all, an undersupplied stock of food and drink lead to unsatisfied customers.

By the summer of 2013, ECR will supply 140 handheld units and 60 tablets on 42 East Coast trains, replacing the existing system it has been using for the past eight years. The ECR on-board catering payment solution has been certified as fully PCI compliant ? a first for the UK train industry. Unlike mobile phone solutions focussed on self-service, the ECR solution intends to focus on customer service, effectively cutting down queue times.

The product has applications in other industries, suggesting a bright future for this rather unique firm.

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