Edutise: Unshackling the school system to deliver £1bn worth of savings

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Name: Edutise
Industry/sector: Education
Date founded: 2014 
Founders: Stephen O’Leary
Location: London

With lots of budgets and cuts impacting a variety of sectors, education has been one of the industries to be impacted. As per pupil funding is £1,000 lower than it was in 1997, the budget shortfall in the industry is set to reach £4.6bn by 2018 and Edutise wants to put an end to that.

Schools spend some £9.2bn on stationery and office supplies a year. Edutise noted that the institutions are unable to make bulk purchase approach used by large firms, which means they pay shelf prices.

With that in mind, the firm plans to help schools achieve savings of up to £1bn by enabling them to stop paying excessive amounts for office supplies – a simple idea that claims to be as easy as Groupon. 

It makes sense given that founder Stephen O’Leary used to work for the discount deals service.

O’Leary, a former air trooper in the British Army, believes that tighter budgets are damaging the education and experiences of youngsters, with lesser tech and school trips.

Operating as a marketplace, Edutise offers over 5,000 products and services for sale, including printers, ink, insurance and more, at a reduced cost to schools and local small and medium-sized businesses. A man on a mission, O’Leary wants to empower schools so that they can put the savings towards the improvement of children’s learning.

When companies use Edutise to buy discounted goods, a percentage of the money spent goes back into schools to create a solid corporate social responsibility scheme.

The business is working towards having tens of thousands of goods for sale, while 50 per cent of the cost saving will be gifted to a local school chosen by the customer.

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