EEF teams with BIS to boost apprentice take up

The three organisations are hosting an event on July 6, which will include a keynote from John Hayes, the minister responsible for apprenticeships. 

With the government having announced funding to support an extra 50,000 additional apprenticeships, the event aims to boost company investment in them, as part of a workforce development strategy.

Manufacturing already accounts for one in eight apprenticeships, but there is still scope for this go grow. 

EEF director of apprentices Peter Wineboom says that training new generations of skilled workers is the key to sustainable economic growth for manufacturers, large or small.

“Skill shortages remain a major concern for manufacturing and are in danger of holding back economic recovery,” he says. “Apprenticeships provide an excellent way for companies to turn the passion and enthusiasm of people ? both the young and the more mature – into skills fit for the workplace.”

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