Eight client relationship fails (and how to avoid them)

While CRM systems exist to help manage your client information intelligently and keep you savvy under pressure, the following “fails” can and still do happen. But fear not: with a dash of common sense and a dose of good software support, they can be avoided.

(1) Unready, unsteady, gone

Your typical day is action-packed with client meetings and calls, as well as everything else in between. There is often little or no time to prepare, to gather your thoughts, or to refresh yourself on not just what needs to be addressed, but who you?ll be addressing.
Failing to prepare and fluffing your way through a call or meeting could cost you the account. The truth is, if a client is not feeling the love, they?ll start looking around for a new partner.

What to do:?If you?re caught on the back foot, let your CRM system do the work for you. All your client?s historical information should be easily accessible, enabling you to get up to speed on the important bits quickly. Every client is important, but each one should feel like they are your number one priority.

(2) No-name emails

No client is going to take kindly to receiving an automated email from you addressed to ?Dear [insert name]? or ?Dear Sir/Madam?. Let?s not forget that clients are human too, and will certainly expect all communication to be correctly personalised.

What to do:?Check the automation codes on your CRM marketing software. Those worth their weight in gold will function intelligently and are able to map fields specific to each client. It?s a simple process that can help you avoid this basic but relationship-damaging mistake.

(3) Wrong email, wrong person

We?ve all done it. Hit send before checking the email is going to the right recipient. If you?re lucky, you can laugh it off with a quick apology. But it?s best you don?t do it again. In more serious instances, confidential client information could end up in the wrong inbox. Undoubtedly there are many instances of this rookie mistake causing relationship meltdown, but there are some simple ways to avoid it.

What to do:?Use database technology that connects all your communications to the correct client. Not only will you never miss a conversation – you?ll be having it with the right person! And don?t forget to flex your common sense and double check before hitting send.

(4) Missing a beat

Managing client relationships is a juggling act that takes time and focus – two things we are often in short supply of. If people expect a response from you faster than you?re able to give one, it can undo all the good work being achieved. The same goes for replying too quickly or superficially when more insight is required.

What to do:?Work with software that automatically captures and stores all important client information, and provides immediate access to records as needed. Go for an agile system that enables you to move between tasks and windows smoothly, leaving no room for mistakes.

Read on to find out how to ensure?your biggest account doesn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

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