Eight client relationship fails (and how to avoid them)

(5) Talking without back up

Youve overheard a cool stat and throw it down as fact. While you might earn brownie points in the moment, not verifying a claim that turns out to be false could harm not only your client relationships, but also your own (and your companys) professional reputation.

What to do:?Rely on your own analysis to keep you ahead of any and all relevant industry trends. Sometimes it’s good to trust your gut but it’s always better to back it up with proven data.

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(6) That awkward wake-up call

Some clients may not operate in the same country as you, let alone the same time zone. And those that do often travel. Its easy to forget this when your day is in full-swing, but do you really want to be the reason your biggest account woke up on the wrong side of the bed

What to do:?Knowing when your clients do and do not want to be emailed or called is essential. Quick access to information via your CRM system such as where in the world they are and what time zone theyre in will help you make informed decisions about how best to contact them.

(7) Not flagging a red flag

Its easy to assume your clients are more in tune with their business than you are. However, working across many accounts can give you broader insight into issues your clients might not be aware of, or even see coming.

What to do:?Track your clients history using your CRM software (email tracking software will enable you to capture every email to and from any client, giving you clear visibility into all your key relationships) and identify any patterns worth evaluating further. As soon as you spot a problem, big or small, discuss it with the client. They might not like to hear it, but theyll thank you later.

(8) Being rude about a client before theyve hung up on the call

Epic fail.

What to do:?Hang your head in shame.

Peter Linas is international MD at Bullhorn.

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