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Eight hours of grey walls won’t cut it: Create a satisfying office environment for your staff

Employers in 2016 must offer their team more than just a salary that reflects their skills and experience. They also need to create an environment where staff feel appreciated and that boosts their motivation and morale.

Here is a small selection of ways employers can alter the conditions of an office in order to please employees and secure their loyalty.

Redecorate with bright colours and add artwork

Nobody is going to feel motivated by the idea of spending eight hours a day staring at grey, beige or boring, neutral walls. So take into account a few of the characters in your organisation and consider redecorating the office walls as a way to bring out the best in their personalities.

Give the office a lick of paint and incorporate a feature wall in a bright colour, such as turquoise, burnt orange or sunshine yellow. You might be surprised at how much of a positive reaction you receive from workers. You can even have an internal office vote or competition to see which colour scheme to go with.

Showcasing the work of a local artist is also a great idea for adding some charm and interest to an office. There may even be some amateur artists working at the company who are happy to showcase their pieces on the office walls.

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Consider the office temperature

This one is most certainly easier said than done! An office that is either far too hot or far too cold is sure to affect how happy workers feel while at their desks.

The key is to find a happy medium for all workers, without relying too much on one persons perception of whether the temperature is too high or too low. Consider rearranging the desks and the office layout so that those who feel the cold more are sat near radiators and heaters, while those who feel the warmth are sat near windows or near draughtier areas of the office.

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