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Eight hours of grey walls won’t cut it: Create a satisfying office environment for your staff

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Consider investing in effective blinds

Summer is coming and soon we will be enjoying the “sunshine months” – if there is such a thing in the UK. So it’s important to consider how sunlight during working hours could potentially affect workers and their ability to see their computer screens.

For members of staff who sit facing a window and those who have their back turned to a window, it’s important that blinds are installed in the office to help reduce the glare from electronic screens. Tilting blinds is also a good way to provide privacy from those walking past or in opposite buildings, without necessarily blocking your employees’ view of the outside.

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Food and drink

Many large corporations have been commended for scrapping fatty foods from the canteen and offering their employees healthy options crammed with fruits and vegetables and meals nutritionally balanced with protein, fibre and carbohydrates.

Owners of smaller businesses can mimic this tactic by introducing free fruit and vegetable platters for their employees. Healthy eating and good dietary habits can really add to the feel-good factor among employees.

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If it doesn’t interrupt too much with the business’ aims and the team’s day-to-day tasks, music in an office can prove an extremely popular way to create a positive atmosphere in a working environment.

One issue that could arise from this is arguments about who decides the kind of music that is played in the office, as there is a high possibility that co-workers will have different musical tastes. A weekly or daily draw among employees to decide who is in charge of the radio, or Spotify playlists can solve this problem.

You also need to ensure that you have the relevant licence needed to play music in a place of work, so do look into this if you’re considering adding some tunes into an office environment.

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