Eight reasons why you ? or your FD ? should take the FDs? Excellence Survey

1)    RewardIt’s been a tough year but if you’ve received some great service from your bank, auditor, law firm or technology provider, take the opportunity provided by the survey to tell us how great they’ve been.

2)    RevengeConversely, if you’re cranky about the service you’ve got from you bank, angry about the time it took to do your audit, or if you’re loathing your law firm, get your revenge by granting them some lowly scores.

3)    You could win an Aston MartinYou’ll be in with a chance to win an Aston Martin V8 for the weekend (courtesy of our online media partner FinanceWeek). It’s a good way to impress the neighbours.

4)    Champagne’s up for grabs as wellIf bubbles float your boat, taking part in the survey will also enter you into a draw to win some champers. Which you can then use to bribe your finance team.

5)    Be a part of something B.I.G.The Real Business/CBI FDs’ Excellence Survey is the biggest poll of its kind in the UK and the only one supported by the CBI. And you could be a part of it.

6)    Make a differencePast surveys have unearthed fascinating insights into the relationship between finance directors and their service providers and, in the past, these organisations have taken heed of the results. Case in point: KPMG.

7)    Everyone else is doing itHundreds of finance directors around the UK have already had their say. If it’s good enough for them…

8)    We can’t do it without youThe power of the annual Real Business/CBI FDs’ Excellence Survey is in the finance directors (suggestions for a collective noun of FDs welcome, please) who take part. The research that comes from the survey is only as good as the people who complete it. So go on, fill it out. Don’t make me beg, now.

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