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Eight ways to make your brand stand out during the festive season

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The lead up to Christmas is an extremely busy one for shoppers and social media alike. In a tidal wave of social chatter, many brands actively increase their activity in their quest to drive sales. 

While it can be a time for strong community growth, cut through and orders, many brands still struggle to capitalise on the opportunity because of a lack of clarity to their social media strategies.

So, what can really add value to your brand and audience, drive engagement, reach and ultimately sales over this period

Social gamification can play a key role in making social media work hard during this time. Essentially developing a Facebook application that educates and incentivises new and existing customers to play, win, share and shop! To create a truly success gamification campaign, follow these rules:

1) Define and then refine your objective

When the social channels are so busy and consumers time is even more precious, it is wise to have one or two objectives and deliver them well. Those may be to increase sales or perhaps generate reach into the millions. Whatever your objectives, build your campaign around them from the start.

2) Playability meets relevance

To create standout, interaction between the brand and user is essential. Creating a branded environment where the user can have a degree of fun with your brand without having to think too hard is a recipe for success. It increases further when you add an element of competitiveness. Think about time trials, brainteasers or perhaps even pitching community members against each other and offering rewards in the process.

Within this branded experience, you can also educate consumers on your products, service or brand in a subtle, subconscious way. The result People having fun on our social channels while subconsciously learning about your brand.

3) Make it your own

Pass the parcel, the quintessential advent calendar, pull a cracker while they have all been done, theres nothing wrong with making such an idea your own rather than creating something completely different. What is important is to think about spin you can put on these to make them unique to you.

4) Prizes 

Prizes are the key element that draws prospects to your activity. From virtual prizes, coupons and exclusive content to physical prizes, what would spur an action from your prospects  

Whichever option you choose, make sure it aligns with your consumer demands and business proposition. Choose them carefully and get clever with them. At the end of the day, the prizes will typically be the activity that leads your promotional message so it has to be right for you and the consumer.

When it comes to the game/app mechanic, instant wins have a far stronger appeal. From the consumers perspective, they get the news they want sooner (win or lose) which in turn builds a strong degree of interest and trust in their subconscious around your brand, allowing them to quickly feel engaged with the business and maintaining their interest in your channel.

Finally think about how the prize mechanic can also drive your social presences further. Offer additional chances of winning if users follow your other social channels or tweet it out to friends. This is where social media comes into its own.

During this busy time, your messaging needs to be obvious within five seconds – what does you visitor need to do to get involved and whats in it for them. If they dont get it, they won’t engage.

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