Eight ways to make your brand stand out during the festive season

5) The 5 second rule

During this busy time, your messaging needs to be obvious within five seconds – what does you visitor need to do to get involved and what’s in it for them. If they don’t get it, they won’t engage.

The same applies to the user journey. Keeping it simple is the absolute rule. If it’s overly complicated, then expect limited dwell time and negativity. This doesn’t mean it needs to be short; it means having a clear start and end with all eventualities thoroughly thought out and addressed. A good tip is to map out the user journey but establish your brand messaging all the way along, right at the start of the process, so you are clear on the outcome you want to achieve.

Finally, ensure all imagery is good quality and eye catching. No matter how good your idea is, without the correct standard of imagery, it will either not get prioritised by Facebook’s algorithms impacting reach or consumers will simply not engage.

6) Keep it mobile

Mobile is now our ‘first screen’. With over 75 per cent of adults now owning a smartphone, anything you do on your social channels must be mobile-friendly. Ensure any images, content or games you play are seamless on mobile as well as desktop.

7) Promotional support

Establishing your content and incentive ideas are 50 per cent of the battle. Without having any basic support, especially on Facebook, your content will not be seen. At the very least boosting the content will help it drive a level of paid reach within your existing community. From there, targeted Facebook bought media and online advertising will drive new consumers to the platform to engage with your activity.

8) Keep them coming back

Don’t be fooled into thinking that consumers can get tired of opportunities to win. If you have an instant win activation or a daily prize draw, you can keep them coming back. But there’s two things to remember here. Always keep in mind what’s in it for the user or you will lose them. Adopting this strategy through the year could make your channels too dependent on competitions so save it for condensed periods only.

The final piece of the jigsaw…

So how can your campaign help you drive sales? Aside from consumer education, a key opportunity that an app mechanic itself can offer is the ability to become a coupon dispenser. This isn’t about giving coupons away to everyone, it’s about allowing entrants to earn them. Experience shows that, this way, the coupon has a high value to the consumer and consequently the redemption rates increase dramatically. 
Remember these key rules and your business can stand out rather than get lost in the crowds this festive period.

Hayden Allen-Vercoe is chief operating officer at Orbital Media.

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