Email marketing isn’t dead yet: 4 ways to boost your ROI

In an age of fast-moving social media, you could be forgiven for thinking that email marketing is a thing of the past. 

The reality, however, couldn?t be further from the truth and it remains a very efficient way of growing your business, in fact the Direct Marketing Association recently said that email marketing ROI was ?24.93 for every ?1 spent in 2013. Which, let?s face it, is huge!

So why such a big return? After initial investment in designing your email, deciding which software to use, and perhaps integrating blogs and social media, costs in preparing a weekly email, including any email platform subscription costs, are minimal. There are, however, things you do need to consider before you click ?send?.

1. Do your research

Believe it or not, there are some basic ethics surrounding email. You need to make sure it?s ok to send people your emails. A simple ?newsletter sign up? field on your website or asking for their details at a conference is simple but effective. 

Many email marketing platforms will ban you if you?re found to send unsolicited emails. These ethics don?t just serve to prevent spam, it allows you to ensure that who you?re emailing really does want to hear about you. Which goes someway to helping explain that huge ROI.

2. Sign up incentive

Of course getting people to agree to receive your emails can be a challenge. Many of us these days are wary of spam but reassurance that you follow an ethical email practice will at least help them trust you?re not going to sell their data. 

One way of helping a potential client to hand over their email address is to offer an incentive. A money off coupon or competition helps show your appreciation for them taking the time to register.

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