Email marketing isn’t dead yet: 4 ways to boost your ROI

3. Content

Your subscribers will only want to receive appropriate information from you. If you offer a lot of products or services, it might be wise to invest in a sign up form that allows subscribers to choose what things they hear from you. 

Either way, only send content that matches what they expect. Dont make it too long either, three different types of content is about the standard for the main message. Some like to also finish with a light-hearted paragraph about employees, showing there are people behind the brand. 

Over time, use your email analytics to find what content is popular and adapt your emails to increase engagement.

4. Timing is everything

The timing of your emails can determine how long people stay on your subscription list and whether or not they read your emails. Send emails no more than weekly and no less than monthly. Aggressive email campaigns, such as daily deals, can work but this can cause low engagement and high unsubscribe rates. 

When you send is equally important. Spend time researching when to send your emails. Not only does this give you a deadline for content but it means your recipients are more likely to open the email. And if you’re wondering, a survey by found the best days to send emails are Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

As with any marketing tool there are a lot of factors to consider. Talk to a full service digital agency about your requirements and theyll help you plan a strategy for your budget, resources or goals. Then with a simple click of the send button, youll be attracting new leads in no time.

Dez Derry is CEO of mmadigital.

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