Employees, take pride

How much can you reasonably ask of people? We pay overtime based on work levels  I fail to see that overtime is appropriate for sorting out dud workmanship and under-performance.   We used to do it – and it is really the main reason why the company has never fulfilled its potential to make money.  Recently, we have had a run of errors and low productivity. Most of the staff have seen this and are pulling together to put it right by doing the now-excess work in their own time. They understand the link between this and their job security – not because I might discipline them but because they see that if we lose money, their job will be unsafe.   This week, one particular member of staff joined a group of us examining goods which they had been responsible for and had been returned just before going-home time. That employee stood back and listened to us all discuss how to put the work right and still get the furniture back to the custome the next morning. I then further watched that member of staff move behind me, sign themselves out and then walk out the door, leaving the rest of us to it.   Their argument is that they should not be expected to work late for no money. Within reason, I understand this.  However, if you are in a skilled trade, have sent these goods out – not once but twice before – and had them rejected, surely self-pride, some conscience even, would make you want to put the work right to the customer’s deadline?

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