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Why ‘energy’ is vital for employee wellbeing and productivity

We need to change the way employees work and distribute their energy

Energy is the fuel that gets people jumping out of bed every morning excited and will dictate whether a day is great or a complete drag. It’s a finite resource that can rise and fall, and it’s unique to everyone.

In the business world, however, energy holds a different currency. And if you don’t establish the right amount or indeed the right type of energy; your business will ultimately fail.

Staff, managers and leaders need to learn how to manage personal energy and deploy it in ways that create real impact. There is one pressing issue though, modern business and human energy ?” clash.

Energy isn’t always a given

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The typical business operates around 5 days a week, with the average employee clocking in a solid 8-hour shift.

These 8 hours are expected to be a jam-packed parcel of productivity, but let’s face it, it’s just not the reality. While you may feel guilty that you are not slaving away for the entirety of your day, fear not.

Research shows that as humans, we re designed to operate in 90-minute bursts of energy and then we need to reinvigorate ourselves before we can go again.

Smashing those targets…

Most businesses are driven by measures of success that aren’t compatible with human ability.

Attempting to smash targets day in and day out thrills the corporate professionals at the top, but for the middle ground workers” it’s just an anxiety-inducing affair.

Why do businesses continue to focus on a narrative that depletes employees rather than motivates them?

Studies are flung at us every day regarding the importance of creating a happy work environment for employees. However, with employees facing some of the highest levels of stress and unfulfillment in the workplace, why are workplaces so slow to adopt new changes that could stop this from happening?

How does a business create an army of energised workers?


There are four ways that people experience energy, (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional). Having a self-awareness for energy can help you recognise when your team are feeling sapped.

1. Find your purpose

In a recent ServiceNow survey, more employees said they desired a more meaningful career than a work-life balance proving that when people find their purpose they?re more driven ‘to achieve’.

2. Clarity is a superpower

Giving personal feedback is also vital so employees know the mistakes they are making and how to progress forward. These positive routines deploy energy in the best possible way.

The whole philosophy is that it shouldn?t feel difficult. Don?t add to your to-do-list, but take away. It’s about simple changes that have an impact way beyond the effort required to make these changes.

Investing in motivational courses can increase productivity and be a helpful way to refocus your team. 84% of respondents to the survey said engaging with such programmes initiated more positive interactions with colleagues.

What does this show?

These success rates highlight the need for employers to recognise that workers desire a revolutionised approach to their office structure. And with a revolutionised approach can come productivity-driven energy!


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