Engaging in “green” PR: What, how, why?

Most companies engage in PR. It?s the bread and butter of marketing; features in trade publications, stories about expansion and financial success are all tried and tested ways of getting a business? name out there and establishing recognition. 

However, there are other opportunities to increase brand awareness and consumer perception by that is a path less well trod. One such opportunity is green PR, and it?s a venture that bears multiple rewards. 

When the adjective ?green? is applied to an activity, it usually connotes a sense of moral, environmental or social consciousness. So, when we talk about green PR, we?re talking about PR that?s done with a more ethical than corporate focus. It can feature a wide variety of activities and the benefits are just as numerous. 

What is green PR? 

Plenty of businesses are involved in charity work or are moving towards becoming more environmentally friendly, but sometimes they neglect opportunities to publicising these efforts and, as a result, fail to reap the rewards. 

If a business is involved in any activity that benefits the community, charities or environment, or is unrelated to the financial progress of the company, they ought to be talking about it.

At first glance, however, these activities may seem unnecessary or superfluous to the more traditional PR story, so let?s have a quick look at why it pays to beat the green drum.

Why get involved?

Simply put, it expands the potential reach of a business? name and message, increasing positive brand reception, employee morale and benefitting the community or environment along the way. 

A business that publicises its charitable efforts not only says ?we?re doing well and we want to give something back?, it’s also letting prospective and current employees know that it’s a thoughtful and caring company with a conscience. 

Green PR also allows businesses to be featured in publications that may usually be out of reach or unrelated to its usual PR efforts, thus increasing potential exposure. As a supplement to the standard PR activity, green PR is a simple yet rewarding endeavour.

How is it done? 

Green PR is relatively simple to do, as many parts are the same as traditional PR. It can be broken down to these basic points: 

  • Do something noteworthy
  • Assemble story
  • Distribute story to relevant outlets
  • Gauge how effective coverage was
  • Assess, adapt and repeat
The only real difference with green PR is that the story?s focus will be benevolent and the publications you target for distribution will differ. 

It may be that the business isn?t involved in any noteworthy activities at this point in time, but this can be remedied easily. 

Read examples of green PR on page two…

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