Engaging in “green” PR: What, how, why

Simple projects such as a company-wide effort to raise money for charity, for example in a sponsored charity event, can be the perfect opportunity to create PR-worthy stories (it can also bag employee morale and teambuilding benefits to boot). 

In this instance, pairing with a charity to which employees have an affinity would be beneficial as it is likely to increase employee engagement and thereby maximise any funds raised. 

Pairing with a charity also has the benefit of increased exposure as, if the charity publicises a business support, the business gains access to the charitys audience. 

Making efforts to become more environmentally responsible is also a worthy opportunity, but involves a greater effort and is a more long-term strategy as it will likely involve changes in logistics, suppliers and internal practices. However, this greater effort will be rewarded with the ability to revisit progress on an annual basis, creating a lasting effect.

Working to gain accreditations from environmental agencies, such as the IIE, is a great way of beginning the journey towards becoming more environmentally responsible.

Community work is also a fantastic opportunity to gain publicity but, as with environmental activities, it’s likely to require a significant amount of time and resources to develop. If a business is in a position to take up such an altruistic activity, or is already engaged in it, then this should definitely be publicised. 

To sum it all up

Do something extra, give back to the community and make efforts to reduce your environmental impact then shout about it. Thats really all it takes to supplement your standard PR activity with altruistic activities and open up a wealth of benefits.

Matt Chappell is a consultant for the Neil Hudgell Trust, a community support project fromHudgell Solicitors.

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