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Enhance Your Business’ Security Measures

security measures

It is extremely important to put a lot of thought into ways of keeping your work premises and staff safe. To prevent break-ins and theft, it is imperative that you implement security measures that will discourage or stop burglars in their tracks. A modern alarm system, well-secured doors, CCTV, lighting, motion sensors and tough window locks are usually the first order of business when it comes to setting up security for workplaces.

Empty Offices are Easy Targets

Offices and workspaces are a magnet to criminals, primarily due to them typically containing expensive equipment and technology. Windows and doors are the most common entry points for intruders which makes them the first port of call when it comes to securing your business premises.

Burglary prevention can take many forms with a wealth of security products available on the market. While top of the range security systems can be extremely costly, there is another solution that not only offers value-for-money but also contributes positively towards the aesthetics of your place of work, whilst also keeping away unwanted visitors.

There is a simple and cost-effective adjustment you can make to enhance the security you already have in place – shutters! Portchester security shutters are a fantastic way of not only keeping people out but also improving the interior design of your business premises.

How Can Shutters Improve the Security of Your Windows and Doors?

Apart from looking great, security shutters are manufactured from architectural grade aluminium with a patented locking bolt system. Portchester shutters will completely block all view from the outside when closed or can be adjusted to allow the light in. By slanting the louvres, you have full control over the amount of light that enters the room as well as limiting the view inside the property from the outside. This means potential thieves can’t get a view of any valuables inside thereby lessening the likelihood of a future break in when the premises are unattended.

Security shutters in particular are great at enhancing security, due to the hardwearing, solid nature of the material they are manufactured from, making them exceptionally difficult for burglars to break through.  The patented locking bolt system used is made from toughened steel as well as the fixings used to secure the frame, making it very difficult for would-be intruders to remove the frame from the wall.

Strong, Stylish and Practical

There are many applications of security plantation shutters available to match any office or workplace design. From modern and contemporary, to retro and traditional, these specialist shutters are designed with both aesthetics and security in mind. Gone are the days when ugly metal bars and aluminium roller blinds were the only option. These lockable shutters are not only lovely to look at but are also helping towards the environment by keeping buildings cooler thereby helping the fight against climate change. Keeping a healthy temperature in the workplace has also been proven to increase employee productivity therefore adding to the welfare of the staff as well as improving the business as a whole.

Worth the Investment? Absolutely!

So, as you can see, investing in quality security shutters for your workspace is advantageous on so many levels. Protecting valuables, keeping staff safe, enhancing your surroundings and of course looking after the environment, all incredibly good reasons to consider this cost-effective security addition for your own business.



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