Entrepreneur juggles multinational staff

But the wonders of technology and connectivity mean such a workforce can be managed successfully.

“We’ve got six fulltime staff in the UK, one in Spain, two in Mongolia, two in India, one in Africa and two in South America,” Morgan says. “It’s the kind of thing that wouldn’t have been possible five years ago. We use things like Skype; everyone works remotely.

“Time zones are an absolute nightmare, though. There’s never an hour of the day when someone isn’t awake and wanting information so it can get a bit tiring.”

Morgan did a lot of travelling when he was younger and found he had the most fun when everything went wrong. “It seemed like there was a need for something more exciting in the way of adventures,” he says. “You have to go out of your way to create that old school spirit of adventure these days.”

He ran the business as a hobby until 2006/07 when it got too big. Morgan says: “I had no free time, I was broke and I thought ‘bollocks to this, I’m going to set it up properly as a sustainable company’.”

The Adventurists had six teams participate in the first event; this figure has grown year on year, and in 2009 more than 900 teams will take part in eight different events held all over the globe.

Participants pay an entry fee and pledge to raise at least £1000 for a nominated charity in the country they’re ‘adventuring’ in. The record amount raised by a team is £50,000 and the company is approaching the £1m mark when it comes to total donations.

This year, The Adventurists is aiming to stage the world’s longest horserace – 1000 kilometres across the Mongolian desert.

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