Entrepreneur turns handyman

The company, called NuBeginnings, is headquartered is a mansion house that Willis rents off her investors. “We had to refurb the entire property – strip it out, rewire it, redo the plumbing. We were basically starting from scratch,” she recalls.

“It was a nightmare because I’d never done anything like that but of course decided that it would be fine to do it myself. I had to deal with one disaster after another.”

Willis got there in the end, only to confront another problem: the lull between starting a business and people finding out about it. “For the first few months, we were doing very well via word of mouth but then we got a bit stuck,” she says.

“We’re getting plenty of business now, though. A lot of people find us through Google and we’ve had some good press coverage as well.”Related articlesUpmarket boot camp draws a crowdExperiment becomes the businessLawyers ditch practice to follow passion for fashionPicture source

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