Entrepreneurial flavour to New Year honours List

PLEASE NOTE: This is the New Year Honours list for 2010. For the latest news on New Year Honours, read the Honours 2011 story here.

The following people were all recognised this year.

Sarah Tremellen, Bravissimo.Tremellen on shop location: “We’re a “destination” shop. People plan to come see us, so it doesn’t matter that they don’t happen to walk past.”

Maria Kempinska, JongleursKempinska on starting the comedy club chain: “I had very little idea about business. But I thought that if the club didn’t work and the bank came after me for money then I could sell my bike and pay them back £5 a week.”

Sophi Tranchell, Divine ChocolateTranchell on her plans for the future: “Obviously, over time we’d like to expand to other farmer organisations as we grow other markets in the North.”

Anya Hindmarch, handbag designerHindmarch on that non-plastic bag: "If a designer who would normally sell a bag for £500 suddenly sells one for £5, the access point to the brand is much lower. Add an incredibly important cause that everyone is starting to think about. Get Keira Knightley wearing it, and other beautiful chicks who are very influential. Then there is scarcity value, which was not manufactured – we just had no idea how many we would need. That’s quite a potent formula."

Professor Sara CarterCarter’s research interests include entrepreneurship and small firms; female entrepreneurship; rural and farm-based entrepreneurship; business growth and portfolio entrepreneurship.

John Michael Caines (For services to Entrepreneurship and to Business in the South West.)

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