Entrepreneurs embrace free technology

Entrepreneurs are increasingly using free technology and alternative ways of working to make their businesses succeed.

New research, to be released at Entrepreneur Country Forum on Wednesday, shows that a whopping 94 per cent of entrepreneurial companies use free or low-cost technology and services.

According to the 500 fast-growth companies that took part in the survey, the most popular technologies and services being adopted are: LinkedIn (78 per cent), Skype and other VOIP solutions (65 per cent), freeware (61 per cent), Twitter (52 per cent) and SAAS applications (47 per cent). 

Commenting on the results, Julie Meyer, founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital and Entrepreneur Country, says: “Although we live in straightened times, those building businesses in this environment are adopting new technologies, services and ways of working as a way to survive and thrive.”

The research also shows that only just over half of entrepreneurial businesses rent their own office premises, with one in five now operating without an office and happy for staff to work from home or on the move. 

Hotel foyers, coffee shops and private membership clubs tend to operate as meeting and working locations when required.

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