Entrepreneurs get mashed up

Mashup is inviting pre-revenue digital startups that are seeking or have recently received funding to attend the function along with investors, journalists, industry influencers and bloggers on 1 April.

Each company will get three minutes to convince the audience of the merits of their wares as part of a main stage event. The demo companies will also have the opportunity to flaunt their products and services off stage.

A couple of companies have already confirmed their attendance. All have funny names although I’m sure that’s not a pre-requisite for involvement. Participants include Eseye, which is focused on ‘cellular enabled’ products; Siondo, a company that offers web-based software services for new businesses; Skimbit with its social decision-making tool; and Whosintown – an online service enabling business travellers to increase the return on time invested in travel activities.

To get involved, you can send an email or click here for more information.

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