Entrepreneurs on strike

Tory MP, maverick but bright spark John Redwood during a debate on the pointless Fiscal Responsibility Bill earlier this week:

"The best way to tax the rich – I would like to tax the rich more as well – is to cut the tax rates, because we then have more rich people in this country who pay more tax, because it is less worthwhile to pay for all the accountancy advice to get around it, and venture more of their money. [thus far, standard Redwood stuff] [Here’s the grim but resonant bit] "This morning I spoke to a successful entrepreneur who told me: "I’m on strike. I was a successful entrepreneur. I sold my company because the climate was becoming so hostile in this country. I managed to sell up before the crash. I have no intention of going back in because they’re making the climate even more hostile-I’ll sit on my backside and do nothing for a bit."

There must be many like him. Your views, please.

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