Entrepreneurs trade toothpaste and incontinence pants for advertising

We did a double take, too.

Over the past six years, Astus UK has secured media space for companies across the publishing, motoring, retail, FMCG, travel, electrical and alcohol sectors in return for:

* 2,500,000 tubes of toothpaste

* 2,000,000 chocolate balls

* 1,000,000 bottles of beer

* 750,000 hardback books

* 500,000 biro pens

* 50,000 hair appliances

* 10,000 pairs of incontinence pants

* 2,500 ovens and hobs

* 1,000 porcelain dinner services

* 258 cars and commercial vehicles

“We make advertising more affordable by letting clients part pay for it with their own products or services,” explained co-founder Dickens, when we interviewed her as part of our Hot 100 feature earlier this year. The downturn, she said, would help the company “evolve” as entrepreneurs look for cheaper ways to advertise.

She was right: Astus UK has posted recorded gross profits of nearly £3m and opened a Hong Kong subsidiary.

Entrepreneurs, start saving up those incontinence pants.

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