EU body backs UK report on slashing SME regulatory burdens

The report, which also discourages governments from gold plating EU legislation, recommends that a new system should be introduced. Essentially, if any new burdens are placed on businesses due to EU legislation, existing hurdles elsewhere should be removed.

Furthermore, SMEs and micro-businesses should be exempt from EU obligations as much as possible.

But there have been mixed reactions to the report.

UK Tory MEP Dr Sajjad Karim, who believes that entrepreneurs will benefit from such a change, said: ?Cutting red tape is an agenda that the commission is taking seriously. There is a long way to go but it is clear that we are making progress in ensuring that full consideration is given to the impact that EU law can have on businesses.

?EU law is often pro big business, but anti market, because it shuts out the little guy and favours the multinational corporations that have the luxury of compliance teams and banks of lawyers.”

However, UKIP MEP Margot Parker suggests that these recommendations are ?nothing but a gimmick, a stack of non-binding recommendations and promises with just one purpose: to convince Britain that the EU can end its compulsion to produce thousands of regulations every year.?

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