Even an eight year-old girl understood Hasbro excluding Star Wars’ Rey from games made no sense

In the midst of the controversy surrounding Hasbro’s exclusion of Rey, one little girl’s letter to Hasbro caused major waves. Upset by Rey’s absence from the “Force Awakens” Monopoly game, eight-year-old Annie Rose wrote a letter to Hasbro.

Her mother, Carrie Goldman, explained that all three of her daughters are “Star Wars” super-fans. And that merely carrying a “Star Wars” lunchbox and water bottle in 2010 had led to her oldest daughter being bullied at school. 

“Annie Rose clearly understood the implications of Rey being left out of Star Wars’ Monopoly, and she had no trouble writing a letter!” Goldman said. “Everybody deserves a voice,. Even one little kid can make a difference. Speak up and advocate for equality.” 

When Goldman tweeted Annie Rose’s letter, she added the hashtag #WheresRey, which was created by Jenna Busch, founder of the women-focused awareness group, Legion of Leia. Two days later, Hasbro responded with an announcement that Rey would be included in its next Monopoly game.

Goldman suggested that while she understood the company’s theory that Rey was excluded from the game to avoid spoilers, she felt it was unnecessary. “They could have included her in her Jakku clothing without a lightsaber,” she said. “But essentially Rey represents strength and intelligence. Girls need to see strong female leads who are lauded based on their achievements and skills, not their appearance.”

As was suggested, Hasbro initially claimed the character’s exclusion was down to spoilers. It is not yet known which character Rey will be replacing in the updated set, though Hasbro said it would happen “later this year”. 

When marketers exclude female characters, “it sends a message loud and clear: girls don’t matter,” said one user. 

Target also came under fire for failing to stock Rey toys, instead selecting a generic Resistance pilot and Stromtrooper as its toys of choice. 

And Black Widow has been relegated to the background or not acknowledged at all in many sets of Avengers: Assemble toys.

This led to Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk in the Avengers film, to tweet:

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