Everline Future 50: Appear Here

Two weeks later, the doors for an empty shop in London?s Marshall Street opened. Rock & Rule appeared, selling limited edition T-shirts and apparel, inspired by the Queen – with a rebellious kick.

As well as people coming in for the clothes, many people simply came to talk about the shop space. It quickly became clear that it wasn?t just Bailey that wanted to rent short-term space. 

So when Rock & Rule, a few days later, shut up shop, the young entrepreneur decided to put his share of the profit into launching Appear Here.

Appear Here is a marketplace for landlords to find tenants for commercial property. The firm?s slogan is: ?We seamlessly connect landlords? vacant spaces to people with great ideas, all online.?

Kicking off in the trendy pop-up end of the market, the firm is moving stealthily towards all commercial property. There could, reckon some observers, be ?a wide open opportunity to become the de facto marketplace for all such transactions.?

Bailey has raised more than ?1.5m to date and recently signed exclusives with London Underground and the top UK property companies.

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