Everline Future 50: Calls in Confidence

But think about it. Recent years have seen multiple scandals that were initially prompted by whistleblowing. However, internal whistleblowing hotlines are usually administered by the HR department.

Is an employees really going to believe that their voice won?t be recognized? And might their call be traced? And surely they?ll end up being ostracised by colleagues? Even if an employee has witnessed wrongdoing, they may fear that their chances of advancement will be compromised if the individual they are providing information about is a senior manager.

Calls In Confidence provides a ?sterile corridor? between the person providing the information and the client organisation.

Founders Peter Barron, ex detective chief superintendent at the Met Police, and Christine Gifford, who sat on the Hillsborough independent panel, believe internal whistleblowing facilities in the police service and the NHS are mistrusted and, thus, ineffective in providing an early warning of impending issues.

In the private sector, banks and energy companies have been hauled before select committees to explain the unethical behaviour of employees that senior managers (apparently) knew nothing about.

Calls In Confidence ensures that important sensitive information is promptly passed to nominated senior managers within the client organisation enabling them to deal with the issue effectively, thereby maintaining the support of employees and retaining public and shareholder confidence.

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