Everline Future 50: Cambridge Intelligence (Keylines)

By February 2012, Joe had founded a company ? Cambridge Intelligence ? and built a product ? KeyLines.

The idea behind KeyLines is simple but compelling.

Around the world organisations are generating more and more data, but cannot turn it into useable intelligence. Using KeyLines, they can instantly create interactive visualizations of their data and discover connections within it. This helps them see patterns and trends, which in turn helps them make faster and better informed decisions.

KeyLines runs entirely in a web browser and can be deployed into any IT network, alongside legacy systems, and works on any device ? including tablets and mobile phones.

By offering a powerful, easy-to-use solution, without the need to install software or ?lock in? with a vendor, KeyLines is revolutionary. The benefits of data visualisation can be shared throughout an organisation, making it a enterprise-ready network data visualisation solution.

Since its launch, KeyLines has enjoyed success on both sides of the Atlantic.

Customers of the established competitors, including IBM, yWorks and Tom Sawyer software, have switched to KeyLines. At the close of 2013, almost 20 major accounts had deployed KeyLines.

Organisations around the world, including governments, police forces and FTSE 100 companies, have turned to Cambridge Intelligence for help making sense of their data.

Behind the success is a commitment to helping customers to understand their data in a way the competition cannot match. A big future beckons?

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