Everline Future 50: Evrythng

In this ?every thing connected? world, data will flow from and about these objects.

Evrythng?s role is to provide the dynamic, intelligent web identities for individual physical objects. This will enable brands to connect directly with customers through their products using smartphones and intelligent identities for physical things on the web. The idea that billions of physical products can now become brand controlled interactive media is, say the Evrythng founders, ?breakthrough?.

Venky Balakrishnan, global VP for marketing innovation at Diageo, agrees: ?Evrythng?s technology is game-changing. We now have a profound strategic opportunity to transform our physical products into owned digital media, which can communicate personalized information and experiences to consumers, exactly when and where they want it.?

With more than 3.3tn consumer products shipped annually, Evrythng believes it can access a multi-billion dollar global market opportunity to ?make products smart? for brands, manufacturers and retailers.

Evrythng was founded by Niall Murphy (co-founder, The Cloud), Andy Hobsbawm (co-founder, Agency.com), Dom Guinard and Vlad Trifa (ETH and MIT colleges), and is backed by Niklas Zennstrom?s Atomico Ventures, among other angel investors.

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