Everline Future 50: Grabble

The firm was founded by Joel Freeman (a former accountant) and Daniel Murray (a former marketing man) after research among 500 women about their online shopping habits, and what aspects of the online retail experience they found frustrating.

The key difficulty identified by over 50 per cent was how to browse multiple sites whilst keeping track of all the items they like. The solution was the Grab button, a bookmark button which pulls in all the product information and keeps it updated in one place, eliminating the need for multiple wishlists.

This allows users to Grab into ?collections? any product from any website without disrupting their online browsing. Users can come back to collections later, share them with friends and family or look at collections created by other Grabble users. As all the information is live, Grabble can also update our users when items they have ?Grabbed? go on sale.

Today Grabble reaches 3,500 users via 120 retailers.

The market is immense. UK online fashion sales are predicted to double in size to ?9.4bn by 2016 with compound growth of 14 per cent pa. Currently, only ten per cent of fashion purchases are made online with an expectation that this will rise to at least 30 per cent over the next ten years.

Grabble is building tools that make online shopping and retailing easier for all. The result, say the founders, will be ?an amazing environment on every device where users can come to discover new fashion and be able to make all of their purchases from multiple brands in one place.? 

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