Everline Future 50: HiringHub

It works like this: you upload a vacancy, set a fixed fee you’d feel comfortable paying a recruitment agency if they found a candidate you wanted to hire; recruitment agencies from their approved network (of more than 700) will compete to fill it for the fee you set.

You hire a candidate, great, you pay the fee you set (nothing more). You don’t hire anyone, you pay nothing.

Hiring-Hub.com makes its money by deducting a 25 per cent commission from each successful placement on its marketplace. The recruitment agency that fills the vacancy gets 75 per cent. They view Hiring-Hub.com as a business development tool. They get access to hundreds of live vacancies without the need for cold calling.

Meanwhile employers like CSL Sofas, SPX, Morrisons, Gocompare, NHS, Wonga and TravelZoo fill their vacancies faster, and for a fee they set.

Started by Simon Swan and Sara Jones, HiringHub started with one vision: to make recruitment easier, and faster, and better value for money.

Swan: ?We wanted to level the playing field for really good, smaller, boutique recruitment agencies, and to address all the issues employers we spoke to told us they had.

?We built Hiring Hub to address all the issues businesses in Britain told us they had. We even made it look pretty because we?re perfectionists. It works. It?s brilliant. And, having built a stable platform and customer base from which to grow, is set accelerate to ?16m within the next three years.?

They?re aiming to become a ?100m business and to change the UK’s recruitment industry forever. That?s disruptive enough for us.

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