Everline Future 50: Kabbee

Justin Peters founded Kabbee in 2011; his dream was to create an application to serve the minicab industry, enabling value through choice. He left his job in the City to gain a deeper understanding in the minicab industry and bought a minicab fleet in London. Two years leading the company gave him a deep understanding of the market, and led to the creation of Kabbee.

The minicab market is deeply fragmented, and knowing who your local minicab firm is in London is difficult. The opportunity arose to create an app that compares local cab firms to get the best value for the journey you are taking.

The app is available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry and web, enablers such as this making booking a minicab far more accessible. Producing an app that addresses trust, convenience and value has been of the utmost importance to ensure that the consumer returns to use the service over and over again.

The private hire vehicle industry in the UK is valued at ?4.5bn, of which an estimated ?1.9bn is generated within London. In November 2013, Kabbee closed a ?3.8m funding round with a view to accelerating its growth in London and beyond.

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